LaunchPad Modular Apartments, Bristol

LaunchPad Modular Apartments, Bristol

We manufactured more than 30 studio apartments for young people who struggle to find good quality, affordable homes in just 12 weeks. The units were then transported by lorry to Bristol, where they have been assembled to create Launchpad – a modular pilot project designed to help address a growing housing crisis in the city.


United Communities

United Communities, the housing association leading the pioneering project, believes it could be the forerunner for new housing solutions locally and nationally, with key workers such as nurses among those who could benefit from the modular communities of the future.

The initial concept for Launchpad was to convert shipping containers, but it was decided these would be too small and restrictive. Integra was commissioned to design and manufacture a bespoke version of the shipping container concept, including a larger floor space and higher ceilings, this offered a number of advantages, including a speedy turnaround and the potential to move the buildings to another site at a later date, meaning the project team could afford to take a more flexible approach to securing land.

Bespoke Specification

  • 31 Studio Apartments for independent living
  • Communal lounge to encourage a supportive and sustainable community
  • High ceilings and large window to encourage natural light
  • Building Regulation compliant (inc insulation standards)
  • High-quality, fully bespoke interiors


I really love the height. It’s one thing that residential developments don’t often get right – new-build houses have very low ceilings and you don’t get a sense of space. A studio apartment could feel oppressive, but we’ve created a really nice, spacious living area. What I liked best is Integra’s enthusiasm for the job – that passion really comes across. We’ve learnt a great deal from this pilot. We’d like to house key workers, such as nurses, perhaps using land owned by hospitals. There’s huge potential for creating aspirational modular housing communities.

- Oona Goldsworthy, United Communities Chief Executive