Magna Café, Skegness

Magna Café, Skegness

Our client had a requirement for an unusual, shaped building with a canopy overhang allowing for seating outside in the shade. Internally
the building was to offer customer seating, a professional kitchen and a separate door for ‘takeaway’ food and drinks to have around the pool area.


Magna Vitae

Bespoke Specification:

  • Full turnkey project including the Design, Manufacture, Delivery, Install and Groundworks
  • 16.7m x 7.8m irregular shaped buildings manufactured in 3 bays
  • Internally the building offers kitchen and serving area with a range of seating and a Poolside Servery from the kitchen area
  • With a large canopy overhang the building provided shaded built in seating to the exterior


The delivery and installation for this building was extremely complex, sited alongside a swimming pool the weights we placed close by had to be considered to avoid damage to the surrounding ground including pool. The area in which the crane would be sited to lift was almost in-accessible therefore the size and manoverablilty of the crane had to be considered, whilst in a different environment this building could have been constructed in 2 bays we used 3 to keep the weight and size down for installation. Further complexities came about in the particularly open nature of the site, been costal the potential winds especially as a large rollercoaster & big wheel was sited close by!