Bespoke Anti-Vandal solutions for a wide range of site requirements

Anti-vandal solutions

Integra Buildings has a reputation for manufacturing high-quality, steel anti-vandal units and anti-vandal modular buildings. We design, build and deliver bespoke, secure steel anti-vandal accommodation to suit each client’s specific requirements.

Fast Turnaround

Invariably with anti-vandal accommodation, clients require a fast turnaround and short delivery lead times. With this in mind we provide a full team of experienced professionals dedicated to our anti-vandal operation.

Bespoke units

We believe Integra Buildings is the only manufacturer to offer a truly bespoke anti-vandal buildings. We will design to your requirements, including building size, finish and internal arrangements. We have also introduced our ‘hybrid’ option Anti Vandal Modular Lite system which can offer large open plan areas with mid supports, where a more cost-effective open plan solution may be required.

We can offer interconnecting or stacking units with external staircases that can be arranged in any set up and formation to suit any site. This means you can relocate all of our units, ensuring you gain the required site set-up for years to come.

For larger sites, fully bespoke anti-vandal modular buildings offer the same great qualities of anti-vandal with options of larger buildings and open-plan areas. Not only do you get a truly bespoke building, fit for your specific requirements, but it offers exceptional value for money because it’s possible to relocate the set-up to another site in future.